Install The Blackheart Board In A Smart Parts Ion Paintball Gun

Upgrading the board in your Smart Parts Ion is a lot like putting a new motor in your car. The Blackheart board is the Smart Parts branded upgrade board. It provides more modes, a faster rate of fire and a chirping system to help you program and turn on and off the gun.


1. Take off all air sources, paintballs, hopper and barrel.

2. Open the grip and disconnect the battery.

3. Unscrew three screws. The two silver screws that connect the grip frame to the body and the third is a black screw looking down from the top of the gun. It can be seen where the barrel was threaded into the gun.

4. Carefully separate the body from the grip frame. As you begin to separate the two you will notice a blue hose with a fitting, called a banjo fitting, connecting the body to the grip frame.

5. Disconnect this banjo fitting with an allen wrench. The body will now be totally free from the grip frame. Set the grip frame aside.

6. Detach the other two banjo fittings from the body and then carefully unplug the wire connecting the board to the vision eye board.

7. Slide the body kit off of the metal body of the gun. When you do the eye board will pop out. Replace it with the new one that comes with your Blackheart board.

8. Remove the banjo fittings from all three hoses on your current board and place them on the same hoses on the new board. Be sure to also reconnect the eye wire.

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9. Feed the battery wire through the grip frame then slide the board about halfway in. Now reattach the banjo fitting and close the marker.

10. Screw the three screws back in that secure the grip to the body of the gun.

11. Put your battery back in the gun, close the grip frame and enjoy the new firepower.