Install The Tippmann X7

Tippman products keep paintballers equipped and ready in the field.

Tippmann makes guns and products for the sport of paintball. The Tippmann X7 is a paintball gun that is designed to be “modular.” This means that extra attachments such as scopes, grips and ammo clips can be installed via a “push pin” system that allows the owner to easily customize his X7. Installing the accessories and attachments requires understanding how the push pin system on the X7 works.


1. Press the magazine base button to install new Tippmann paintball magazines into the weapon. This button is found to the left hand side of the ammo clip slot under the weapon. Push the new magazine in with the button pushed and release the button when the new magazine is installed.

2. Pull out the push pins on the right and left hand side of the scope mount on the top of the Tippmann X7. To do this, simply grab the pins and remove. Push the scope into the housing to install and slide the pins through the holes on both the X7 and the scope to secure and install.

3. Locate the hopper on the left hand side of the X7 stock. The hopper has rubberized hand grips for ease of use. Turn the screws on the hopper to remove. Place a new, custom hopper onto the mount and turn the screw to install.

4. Pull out the push pins on the left hand side of the grip. These are located near the upper left hand side corner of the X7 grip. Remove the grip around the trigger. Install the new grip by pushing it into the grip housing and sliding the push pin into the new grip to secure it to the weapon.