Instructions For A Spyder Extra

The Spyder Xtra is a paintball gun that can be used for recreational paintball sports. Paintball guns shoot small balls of paint, which break on impact. Players struck with paintballs are out of the game. The Spyder Xtra is a high-velocity paintball gun, with a speed of 300 feet per second. Using the Spyder Xtra requires placing it into safety, understanding load the gun and understanding fire and aim it. Never play paintball or shoot anybody with a paintball gun unless proper safety materials are being worn.


1. Put your gun into “safe” mode and place your barrel plug or sock on your gun before beginning. This will help avoid an accidental shooting.

2. Open the Co2 holding area on the bottom of the gun handle. Place your Co2 air tank into the adapter and screw it into place clockwise. Replace the cover once your cartridge fits snugly into the adapter.

3. Fill your paintball loader with paintballs. Use only 0.68 caliber paintballs. Place your paintball loader into the slot underneath the barrel. This will point downward, parallel to your handle.

4. Attach the elbow pipe to the paintball loader and the Co2 holding area. Pull back the cocking knob on the side of the gun. This gets your gun ready to shoot. Remove the barrel sock or plug before shooting.

5. Take your gun out of safety mode and pull the trigger to fire. Use the sites on top of the gun to aim your shot at an opponent or target. Pull the trigger each time you want to take a shot. Shoot until you have emptied the gun.

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6. Place your gun into safety mode and place the plug or sock into the barrel. Unscrew the elbow piping. Remove the paintball loader and place paintballs in the loader. Screw everything back into place and twist it into place. Take your gun out of safety to shoot again.