Instructions For An Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is an activity in which participants take part in war games using replica weapons that fire plastic BBs with compressed gas. It’s used as training for military and police units, in historical re-enactments and played as a sport, such as paintball. Airsoft is based around the use of the airsoft guns, which come in a variety of models. While airsoft guns aren’t as dangerous as firearms or BB guns, they still must be handled properly to prevent injury.


1. Take the magazine out of the gun.

2. Hold the empty magazine perfectly vertical in one hand and the gas canister upside-down and perfectly vertical in the other hand.

3. Line the nozzles of the magazine and canister up and position them together so they form a tight seal.

4. Press the canister straight down into the magazine. The length of time depends on the size of the magazine. A handgun usually takes three seconds; a five-round magazine can take five or six seconds. Read your instruction manual for the proper time.

5. Load the plastic BBs into the magazine, again following the instructions for the model of gun that you own.

6. Place the magazine into the gun.

7. Cock the gun, point at the target and shoot. When shooting, take proper safety precautions. Fire from a safe distance, and don’t point the gun at a person or object unless you intend to shoot at them.

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