Instructions For Red Dot Sights

Instructions for Red Dot Sights

A red dot sight is normally used by law-enforcement or by shooting specialists as well as competition shooters. This sight gives the user freedom from pinpointing a cross-hair reticle. The sight has a range of at least 100 yards with ample light intensity that can be adjusted to suit any situation.

Aiming and Battery

Aiming the red dot sight is simple. Just look through the scope at the red dot reticle. When the dot appears on the target, fire your shot. You can adjust the brightness or intensity of the dot depending on lighting conditions. At dawn or dusk with limited light you can adjust the dial clockwise to brighten the dot. The red dot has an intensity level ranging from 1 to 11. Return the dial to the “0” position to ensure that the light is off and not wasting the battery.

A red dot scope sues a lithium 2032 3-volt battery. This battery is ideal for long life of the scope when in the wilderness for long periods of time and works extremely well in low temperatures. When replacing the battery simply remove the battery cover on the bottom of the scope and replace the battery.

Zeroing the Red Dot Scope

To properly zero a red dot scope, loosen the upper and left cap screws on the top of the scope. You should fire at a target range of at least 25 yards if the scope is mounted on a pistol, and at a range of 100 yards if shooting a rifle.

Sit or stand in a comfortable shooting position and fire a group of three shots at the target. Take note of where your shots land in relation to the bull’s-eye or center-mast of the target. If your shot needs to be adjusted to the left turn the “L” screw counter clockwise to move the dot left; reverse the turn for right dot movement.

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Adjust the “Up” screw move the elevation up on the target if your round landed too low. Turn the “Up” screw clockwise one click and fire another shot to ensure proper striking point.