Instructions For Springloaded Semiautomatic Air Rifles

Spring-loaded air rifles are commonly used in sport shooting and target practice, as well as hunting small game.

Spring-loaded air rifles are light long-barrel guns used for sport shooting and target practice. Unlike guns that ignite gunpowder to fire bullets, air rifles use the force of compressed air. A piston is attached to a spring that sets back when the rifle is cocked. When the trigger is pulled, the piston springs forward, compressing the air between piston head and pellet; this pressure propels the pellet at high velocity. The semi-automatic function automatically reloads pellets and fires once each time the trigger is pulled, compared to fully automatic, which fires multiple rounds as long as trigger is depressed.



1. Ensure that the battery is fully charged and the safety is engaged.

2. Insert earplugs into your ears and put on safety glasses or goggles. Safety measures must not be overlooked when using air rifles.

3. Connect the charged battery and secure the battery door.

4. Disengage the magazine and fill it with pellets. Reconnect the magazine and ensure that it’s locked in place.

5. Check the sight and adjust depending on size of the target and the distance to the target.


6. Select the firing mode. Many air rifles with semi-automatic features also have manual and/or fully automatic settings.

7. Disengage the safety lock.

8. Pull the cocking lever until it clicks.

9. Aim the barrel using the sight scope.

10. Pull the trigger to fire.

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