Introduce Children To Hide And Go Seek

There are many classic children’s games but one of the most played is Hide and Go Seek. There are various forms of this game with names like Manhunt and Ghost, but it is most commonly referred to as Hide and Go Seek. Introducing this game to your children can become as fun as playing when you were a child.


1. Tell your children about the game and how much fun it was to play when you were a child. Teach them the rules in the simplest forms so that they can start off with the basics.

2. Start the game by playing in one room only. This will help avoid confusion the first time that you are playing so that they can understand it before thinking about strategy.

3. Be “It” first so they can have fun hiding and understand what the “It” does. Even if you know where they are hiding, look around for a little longer than usual to keep the anticipation up for them.

4. Find one of them first and instruct them that the first person found is the new “It.” Have them count to as high as they can (try not to go past 20 for a one room game) and hide in a fairly easy spot.

5. Teach them the phrase “Ready or Not Here I Come” to use when they have finished counting.

6. Do not give away your spot and let them eventually find you on your own. When they do, praise them and tell them that they did a great job.

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7. After a few times in one room, you can expand the game into multiple rooms to make the game more exciting.

8. Set some boundaries during the game like where they can and cannot go and also ban going outside.

9. Implement different things into the game like having to go to base, or if there are a lot of people then you can have teams search for each other.

10. If you want to, take the game outside to open up a lot more options and places to hide. Outside, you will definitely want to set boundaries so that nobody wanders off too far.

11. Let them play on their own and see how they do unless you are having fun and want to keep the enjoyment going. Have them bring friends over as well to participate in a large game for even more fun.