Invert A Mini Burst Disk

The paintball gun has a mini burst disk.

Many CO2 canisters have a burst disk to prevent the tank from exploding when pressure builds up inside. A mini burst disk is found on a lot of paintball guns that use CO2 compressed gas cylinders to give the gun power to shoot paint balls. A lot of the paintball guns on the market have dual burst disks installed. One burst disk is the high-pressure burst disk, used for when the tank builds up too much pressure. The second low-pressure burst disk, the mini burst disk, is a backup precaution for when the regulator fails. Inverting a mini burst disk does not mean turning it over. It refers to which way the pressure release hole is pointing. A lot of the older model mini burst disks point toward the tank, which creates a safety hazard. You want the pressure release hole to point away from the tank.


1. Lay the CO2 tank on its side with the regulator facing perpendicular to you. Screw on the pressure release adapter clockwise until it is hand tight. Screw the adapter’s pressure release valve clockwise to begin releasing the CO2 pressure in the tank. Remove the adapter by turning it counterclockwise after you cannot hear or feel pressure coming out of the adapter’s pressure release valve. Use this method on all brands of CO2 tanks used on paintball guns.

2. Push the pin valve on the end of the regulator with your finger to determine whether all the pressure is out of the tank. Locate the mini burst disk, or low-pressure burst disk, by turning the gauge toward the table face down; the mini burst disk is just above the gauge when the gauge is turned in this direction.

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3. Take the 3/8-inch wrench and slide it over the end of the mini burst disk. Turn the disk counterclockwise to loosen the part. Use your fingers to finish unscrewing the disk. Wrap the threads of the mini burst disk with Teflon tape. Wrapping the threads with Teflon tape will tighten the fit of the mini burst disk, preventing it from turning toward the CO2 tank when fully seated. Screw the disk back in place with your hands first. Tighten it the rest of the way with the 3/8-inch wrench.

4. Remove and wrap more Teflon tape on the threads of the disk if it is not facing in the opposite direction and away from the tank. Adding more Teflon tape will allow the disk to tighten down sooner, inverting the pressure release hole of the mini burst disk.