Invert A Mini Hp Or Lp

You can invert the tank of a paintball gun by depressuring it.

Whether you have a Mini High Pressure or Low Pressure tank for your paint ball gun, you will eventually need to invert it. The tank keeps the gun pressurized and allows for the powerful shots to be fired. HP tanks are more powerful while LP tanks are more accurate. The point of the inversion is to switch from one type of tank to the other.


1. Screw on the ASA adapter to your tank whether it is HP or LP. Attach the gauge to detect the level of nitrogen within the tank.

2. Release the nitrogen gas in the tank slowly by unscrewing the ASA adapter if it is an HP tank. Use the gauge to manage how quickly you are releasing the nitrogen to arrive at 160 to 200 pounds per square inch of pressure within the tank. This is called the operating pressure.

3. Increase PSI in the tank by releasing nitrogen from the tank. Unscrew slowly and watch the gauge until it is 200 PSI for a LP tank. For a HP tank, refer to the regulations of your league, but the pressure will be much higher. Continue applying gas until you’ve reached the HP level.

4. Cap the tank on your paint ball gun and remove the ASA adapter to complete inverting the weapon.

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