Invert A Mini Qloader

The Invert Mini Paintball gun can be adapted to rapidly fire paintball capsules. To enable the Invert Mini to become fully automatic, connect the Q-Loader system to the gun’s component parts. The Q-loader can be purchased from the same hobby shop or speciality store where the Invert Mini was acquired. No specialized tools or equipment is needed.


1. Place a clamp lock around the vertical tube that is to the right of the barrel and beneath the Invert Mini paintball gun. Rotate the clamp lock so that the block end is facing toward the barrel. Push the clamp lock up to the bottom edge of the gun. Insert the clamp nut tab into one of the holes on the side of the clamp lock. Push the tab through the hole and out the other side. Rotate the clamp nut 90 degrees clockwise.

2. Hold the plastic socket so that the tabbed side is facing toward the clamp lock. Hold a clamp bolt vertically. Push a clamp washer up through the pole at the bottom of the clamp bolt.

3. Slip the rectangular hole at the side of the socket over the clamp lock. Insert the clamp bolt, washer end down, through the top of the socket and into the hole at the top of the clamp lock. Tighten the clamp bolt with a Phillips screwdriver rotated clockwise.

4. Hold the elbow so that one end is facing down and the other end is facing left. Place the elbow over the feed tube at the top of the gun. Wrap strips of duct tape around the elbow where it meets the feed tube.

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5. Place an end of the feed tube into the open end of the elbow. Run the feed tube over to the front of the plastic socket. Mark the tube where it meets the socket with a pencil.

6. Remove the tube. Cut the tube at the pencil mark with the blade of a utility knife or a sharp scissors.

7. Place an O-ring around the first ridge at an end of the cut feed tube. Insert the O-ring end of the tube into the open end of the elbow. Twist the tube back and forth to seat it in the elbow.

8. Place an O-ring around the second ridge at the free end of the tube. Insert the end into the socket. Twist the tube back and forth to seat it in the socket.

9. Place an O-ring on the second ridge at one end of another feed tube. Insert this end into the hole at the bottom of the reload socket. Twist the tube back and forth to seat it in the hole. Insert the other end of the tube into the socket on the feed tube at the top of the gun.. Twist the end a quarter turn clockwise.

10. Pull the silo cap off the silo. Open the bag of paintball capsules. Put the cap into the bag. Push capsules into the cap’s compartment. Continue to do this until the compartment is filled. Remove the cap from the bag. Place the cap back on the silo. Snap the silo onto the back of the reload socket.

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11. Twist the knob counterclockwise on the reload socket and lift it up. Insert a Q-pod of compressed air into the grooved compartment. Bring the reload socket back down and twist the knob clockwise. Hold the silo so that the capped end is facing up. Shake the silo a few times. Turn the reload socket’s winding lever clockwise for 20 seconds.

12. Aim the barrel of the gun at a target in your backyard, for example, a bush. Press the trigger to rapid fire the paintball capsules at the target.