Invert Mini Operating Pressure

High-end paintball markers can fire more than 20 paintballs per second.

The Invert Mini is an electro-pneumatic (EP) paintball marker, manufactured for the intermediate to advanced paintball player. The marker is capable of shooting over 20 balls per second (BPS), if the loader will feed paintballs at that rate. Most EP paintball markers use two air pressure regulators, one each for high and low pressure systems in the marker. The redesigned Mini only uses a one pressure regulator, which is included and preset when the marker comes out of the box.


1. Air up the marker. Screw a compressed air tank into the Invert Mini‘s ASA adapter. The ASA on this marker is also the air pressure regulator, which comes preset from the factory at 200 PSI. Kee Action Sports, the marker’s manufacturer, determined that this is the optimal air pressure for the marker.

2. Test the marker. Connect your favorite loader to the top of the marker, and test fire a few hundred balls though the gun without adjusting the air pressure. In most cases, the marker’s factory setup is perfectly suited for paintball play.

3. Verify the marker’s velocity. Most paintball fields set paintball marker velocity between 250 to 300 feet per second (FPS). Before you step onto a field, test your marker with a chronograph and verify the speed.

4. Change the regulator’s pressure hesitantly. The paintball velocity is changed via the velocity adjustment screw. If you do choose to change the marker regulator’s pressure, turn the pressure down by turning the Allen screw on the front of the ASA-regulator. Take a few shots and then look at the pressure gauge on the ASA-regulator. The marker will continue to fire at less than 200 PSI. A lower setting will economize on air consumption, but may cause performance problems at high rates of fire. The marker should never be set to over 200 PSI, because higher pressures can damage the gun’s internals.

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