Ion Body Cleanse

Ion body cleanses are becoming very popular, though the term “body cleanse” may be inadvertently misleading. While an ion cleanse does indeed purge the body of toxins, the entire body is not exposed to the ion solution. Rather, you place your feet in what looks like a traditional foot bath, except for the elaborate machinery attached to it. These machines can be purchased for home use, but given the price of these units, most devotees opt to go to salons and spas and pay a fee for semi-regular appointments.

How Do Ion Body Cleanses Work?

A device known as an array is set into the foot bath, as a low-level direct current is sent to the array. The metals inside the array work with salt water in the bath to generate positive and negative ions through the division of the oxygen and hydrogen in the water.

The positively or negatively charged ions attach themselves to oppositely charged particles–in this case, the body toxins–neutralize them and draw them out of the body via the process of osmosis. Osmosis is defined as the passage of particles through a membrane to a high concentration area from a low concentration area.

What Toxins Are Removed?

The toxins that are purportedly removed through an ion body cleanse include excess waste acids such as lactic acid, uric acid, acetic acid, carbonic acid, diacetic acid, hepatic acid and butyric acid. As a result of unbalanced diets, drinking and/or drug use and environmental pollutants, these acids build up in the tissues, causing a host of ailments including fatigue, colds and flu and more serious conditions such as gout.

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Along with the release of excess bodily acid waste, pollutants are also released, such as heavy metals and toxic chemicals, which can easily enter the body, particularly for those living in urban, industrialized areas. While allergies are the most common complaints for those dealing on a daily basis with smog, a lifetime of outside pollutant absorption can, in some people, lead to cancer.

What Are The Health Benefits?

Purveyors of the ion body cleanse most frequently claim that through purging the body of toxins, environmental pollution, parasites and other foreign bodies by means of the foot bath, their clients experience greater overall energy and a stronger immune system. Relief from gout and arthritic discomfort has been reported by some ion body cleanse clients. Along with this come claims of deeper and more refreshing sleep, improved memory and stress reduction. Harder to verify claims include improved skin condition and improved sexual health, though better sleep in itself could be considered a basis for clearer skin and improved sexual functioning.