Join A Laser Tag League

You’ve been introduced to the exciting world of laser tag, and you want more. You’ve dabbled in solo and pick-up team play. You’ve conquered arenas and outdoor battlefields. You may even fancy yourself a sharpshooter or cunning strategist. Don’t waste time with the newbies or get bored with low-level equipment in public arenas or home games. Find out gauge your strengths and weaknesses and join a serious team.


Find and Join a League

1. Find a local laser tag league by visiting a park where you’ve seen games played, or through a local community center or recreation program.

2. Locate a league in your area by asking at the local laser tag arena facility or gaming arcade.

3. Try looking online for sources for leagues at local sports club message boards or laser tag enthusiast sites.

4. Make contact and ask to sit in on a few laser tag games, to see whether the league is a good fit for you.

5. Join the league that appeals to your level of skill and objectives for the game.

Be a Team Player

6. Get a team assignment from the league coordinator.

7. Attend team practices and don’t shirk. Practice is where strategy is developed and perfected.

8. Show up for games on time and dressed to play.

9. Follow league and game rules while you play your heart out.

10. Stick to agreed strategy during games. You can always suggest alternatives afterward, for next time.

11. Participate in debriefing sessions after games. This is where you can share your experience, tips and troubles, and learn from everyone else’s successes and mistakes.

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