Join A Paintball Team

Join a team and play paintball.

Paintball is a sport that uses air-powered guns with small balls of colored paint. The object of paintball is to work in teams of three to four people and seek out your opponents and shoot them first. The first person to capture the other team’s flag is the winner. There are paintball leagues all over the country and the world that compete each year for a title. Paintball encourages strategy and teamwork and builds self-empowerment.


1. Contact your local parks and recreation department. The city often will offer or know of areas that offer paintball leagues. You can also research the phone book under sports activities and see whether a league is in your city. You can also try your local outfitters store (hunting and fishing gear, outdoor sports) because these stores often sell the paintball guns and supplies. Look in the phone book for any specific paintball parks or locations that offer paintball games. There is a good chance you can find a team or people looking for players.

2. Research online for any websites pertaining to paintball. Several websites can be helpful in your search such as, and Enter your city and state to find a paintball organization near you. You can call any number listed and request to be put on a waiting list for players or to be put in direct contact with a team president or owner. Ask your friends whether they know anyone who plays on a paintball team and or if they can help you find or join a team.

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3. Read the newspaper for any ads that may be placed announcing a paintball league or area team. You can also try the local business license bureau to see whether any companies have formed a paintball business. You can also try your local chamber of commerce to see whether a league has joined. Look for websites that offer posting forums allowing you to create a post about your interest in joining a team.