Join An Airsoft Team In Utah

Finding an Airsoft team in Utah is easier through UCA.

Airsoft is a game of precision and strategy, employing military tactics with game play. Normally, Airsoft is played as a team sport, with opposing teams attempting to accomplish a mission such as capturing the other side’s flag. Sometimes, it is a bit of a challenge to break into an Airsoft team if you are new to the sport. Fortunately, Utah residents can contact an organized group called Utah County Airsoft (UCA) to join a team.


1. Visit UCA’s website. To join UCA-sponsored Airsoft games, you must know the UCA’s “Rules of Engagement” and “Code of Conduct.” These sections outline acceptable and unacceptable behaviors during games. They also describe required gear and general rules for play. For instance if you are hit, you either have to wait for a medic to “heal” you or go to a spawn point for a specific time before reentering the game.

2. Fill out the template under the “Contact Us” tab. Explain that you are new to the game and want to join an Airsoft team. UCA will let you know when the next “Newbie Day” is.

3. Attend a game on “Newbie Day.” UCA has four open games per year open to anyone. One or two of these open games is specifically for “Newbies.” This is a chance for you to meet seasoned players and find someone who is willing to mentor you.

4. Attend a closed event. UCA has eight closed events per year for members and their guests only. Once you find a mentor at “Newbie Day,” work with him and let him know you are interested in joining the UCA and finding a permanent place on an Airsoft team. Your mentor can then invite you to attend a closed event. You must attend two closed events before becoming a UCA member.

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5. Wait for your invitation to join UCA. If UCA decides that you are ready to join, it will send you an invitation. Fill out your paperwork to become a member. If you do not receive an invitation after your second closed game, keep working with your mentor and attend open games to pick up the proper skills.

6. Apply for membership. Go to the website and download and print the application and UCA Safety Waiver forms. Submit the forms to a UCA officer along with your $15 yearly membership fee. UCA will then send you a set of dog tags, patch and membership card showing that you are a member.

7. Join a UCA team. At this point, you should be well acquainted with several members within the UCA organization. You are now ready to join a permanent team to compete in closed events.