Join Delta Force

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, otherwise known as Delta Force, is an elite group of soldiers drawn from all branches of the United States Military. It is a secret counter-terrorist unit, made up of soldiers who undergo intensive training. To join Delta Force, you must be an extremely resilient person with an extraordinary ability to survive in impossible situations. Even then, there is no guarantee this special group will accept you.


1. Join the military. You must serve for several years before trying for Delta Force or any other Special Forces. Women cannot join Delta Force. Most Delta Force men are recruited, but you can request to be considered as a Special Forces candidate.

2. Get yourself in unbelievably good shape. Delta Force members are world-class athletes and must be able to endure extreme physical conditions and situations.

3. Learn several languages. Delta Force men serve all around the globe. They wear civilian clothing and must blend in with the local crowd. Unlike other members of the military, they can grow their hair long and can have a beard.

4. Hone your shooting skills. You will need to be an expert marksman.

5. Learn land navigation skills. This is important, as you can be sent anywhere in the world at any time. You may find yourself trying to survive in a desert by yourself with no map, no compass and no help.

6. Realize that only a few men actually get through all the training and make it to Delta Force. It is an incredibly difficult thing to do. It is no disgrace if you do not make it into this elite group.

7. Respect the fact that everything about Delta Force is secretive. You cannot tell anyone about your job. You must be low-key, yet train constantly.