Juvenile Military Schools In Pennsylvania

Photo of men in the army.

Military schools are generally an alternative to public education and often modeled after military colleges such as West Point. The majority of military schools are private schools and provide a gateway to entering the military. The fees and requirements are set by the individual school. There are three military schools in Pennsylvania, which are selective and require both good grades and excellent discipline records. Two of the military schools are also boarding schools. The third military school is part of the public school system and does not house students.

Valley Forge Military Academy

Valley Forge Military Academy offers flight training.

According to its website, Valley Forge Military Academy’s mission is “dedicated to producing citizens who will become … a credit to themselves, their families, their alma mater, their country and their God.” Many notable individuals have adopted this creed after attending Valley Forge Military Academy, including J.D. Salinger, author; H. Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of the Desert Storm Operation; Bryan Lentz, a Pennsylvania state representative; Julian Peters, a linebacker for Seattle Seahawks; and many more.

Valley Forge Military Academy is located on 120 acres about 15 miles from Philadelphia and is geared toward students in seventh through 12th grade. The school prides itself on its military structure and all-around curriculum, including leadership, physical and character development, personal motivation and academic excellence. A number of unique classes and activities are offered to students, including music lessons for piano, guitar, accordion, bagpipe, percussion and voice; boxing; fencing; self-defense such as judo or karate; scuba; paintball; flight training; and lifeguard training or CPR certification.

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The cost ranges from $21,400 for the Academy Day School and $35,890 for post-graduate classes. The cost covers tuition, room and board, personal supplies, uniforms, laundry, dry cleaning and shoe repair as well as haircuts and health care. There are numerous additional expenses for textbooks, computer/technology fee, allowance, scuba training, aviation and driver’s education as well as membership in cavalry troops or artillery battery.

Valley Forge Military Academy

1001 Eagle Road

Strafford, PA 19087



Philiadelphia Military Academy

Uniforms are required at Philadelphia Military Academy.

The Philadelphia Military Academy‘s goal is to “prepare students for college and eventually to become great leaders.” The school is located in the Mount Airy section of Northwest Philadelphia and is part of the public school system. However, transportation is not provided. The school day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. The Philadelphia Military Academy will accept only 150 incoming ninth-grade boys or girls. The intention is to have no more than 600 total cadets. Its program has an emphasis on academics and ROTC. Classes consist of English, math, science, Spanish, physical education and ROTC. Numerous extracurricular activities are offered such as drill team, color guard, school newspaper, computer club, fitness team, chess and sports such as football, basketball, golf and rowing.

Students must be residents of Philadelphia, on grade level for both reading and math and have good attendance as well as a positive discipline record. Additionally, students must provide two letters of recommendation from either a principal, counselor or English, math or science teacher, and they are required to write an essay describing their goals, achievements and why they wish to attend the Philadelphia Military Academy.

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Students will also have an interview without their parents present and must successfully complete the mandatory training during the summer. Students must also abide by the JROTC Cadet Creed and wear the uniform in its entirety as required.

Philadelphia Military Academy

1100 E. Mt. Pleasant Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19150



Carson Long Military Institute

Students will go on an overnight camping trip.

According to the Carson Long Military Institute website, its mission is to “inspire young men to strive for academic excellence, build strong character and reach their highest potential as future responsible citizens and ethical leaders in a global community.” The institute is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Students wishing to attend are required to provide transcripts demonstrating good academic and discipline records as well as two references from their math and English teachers. Students will also be required to have a personal interview. Students are accepted at the start of each term.

Class sizes are generally limited to around 13 students with a teacher-to-student ratio of one to nine. Students are required to take classes in English, math, science, social studies, arts or humanities, computer science and health and physical education. Elective courses include Bible, speech and political geography. There are numerous school organizations such as drum and bugle corps, glee club, dance committees, Scholastic Honor Society and newspaper, yearbook and drama clubs. Additional activities include piano lessons, debate, declamation and hiking. There is an evening supervised study hall Monday through Friday. Study hall generally has one teacher for every 30 to 40 boys.

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Medical insurance is mandatory in order to attend the Carson Long Military Institute. Tuition, room and board and uniforms are provided in the $19,900 cost to attend. There is also a mandatory pre-paid allowance/trip fund of $500. Students will be going on an overnight camping trip as well as trips to Philadelphia, Lancaster, Hershey, Gettysburg, and Washington, D.C. Students may also attend movies and plays in the Harrisburg vicinity.

Carson Long Military Institute

200 N. Carlisle St.

New Bloomfield, PA 17068