Keep A Dive Mask From Fogging

Scuba diving and snorkeling open the underwater world to exploration. A dive mask allows you to see clearly underwater and keeps (most of) the water from going up your nose. A foggy mask takes away from the enjoyment and makes it harder to see the beauty of the underwater world. Keeping your mask clear is easy. Here are three ways to do so.


Use the Frugal Method

1. Put the mask in the water and get the inside glass wet. You will find that the mask is easier to put on and adjust if it and your hair and face are wet.

2. Spit in the mask and wipe the spit all over the inside of the glass. This may sound gross, but it works, it costs nothing and you always have it with you.

3. Rinse the inside of the mask with water and you are ready to go.

Use the Potato Method

4. Cut a potato in quarters or eighths. You can also trim thin, potato chip-like slices from a potato to do this.

5. Rub a piece of the cut potato all over the inside of the mask.

6. Rinse the inside of the mask and put it on.

Use the Defogger Method

7. Buy a commercial mask defogger preparation. These are available at nearly every dive shop in the world.

8. Apply the preparation according to the manufacturers’ directions.

9. Don the mask and get in the water.

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