Keep Score In Paintball

The game of paintball is a rapidly growing extreme sport that’s played worldwide, but to those not familiar with the activity, the rules can be confusing–especially the scoring system. The following steps will give you a little insight to the sport as well as score a match between two teams.


1. In world and regional tournament playh, the winning team of a paintball match needs 100 points to win–that’s the basics.

2. Keep time of the game–a match is usually three to seven minutes long, usually one minute for each player on a team.

3. Keep track of which team reaches the center or opposing team‘s flag first. Capturing the flag earns a team 50 points.

4. Watch for eliminations, each player hit by a paintball counts as seven, four, three or two points for the other team, depending on if you’re playing 3, 5, 7 or 10 people per side, respectively.

5. If no one captured the flag, add up the number of live players on each team at the end of the game and tally up three to one point for each live player, again, depending on how many players per team.

6. If a team hangs their flag in the opposing team‘s base, they’ve just earned themselves a whopping 50 points. This also ends the game immediately. If the time is up before the flag is hung, neither team gets these points.

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