Kinds Of Paintballs

Paintballs, the ammunition used by paintball markers (guns), come in several different colors, varieties and sizes. In recent years, paintball ammunition has evolved into reusable forms to help professional teams save money while practicing. Paintballs are widely available for inexpensive purchase and are sold in large lots.


Paintballs come in a wide variety of different colors. Colors include white, blue, red, green and purple. The color of a paintball has no effect on its use.


The price of paintball ammunition packages is usually dependent on the amount of paintballs in each package. Most paintball packs contain between 1000 and 5000 “rounds.”


Paintballs, like paintball markers, come in different sizes, or calibers. Paintball calibers include .43, .5 and .68 inches.


Rubber or Velcro paintball ammo is usually intended to be used for practice. Reusable balls are called reballs.

Reballs are sometimes used in indoor arenas as a substitute for paintballs. Reballs should be used at a lower velocity than paintballs because of their inability to break on impact.

Where to Buy

Paintballs are usually available where ever paintball markers are sold. Retail stores include Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods and Sports Authority.

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