Know What Airsoft Gearbox Version To Use

Airsoft guns can wield impressive firepower with the correct gearbox upgrades.

If you plan on charging into the playing field and wielding a custom Airsoft gun to defend your team, you will need to know the proper way to customize it first. Proper customizations can include simple optics or battery upgrades, but pros even upgrade the internals, including the gearbox. As Airsoft guns become more standardized, several companies have started using different versions of gearboxes. The word “version,” however, is misleading. To upgrade, you don’t move up a version; you use an upgraded gearbox of your current version. Most guns only function with one type of gearbox. There are seven versions of gearboxes on the market as of early 2011.


1. Find the manufacturer of your gun. The retail box should have this information. You are able to utilize the “version” upgrades if your gun is made by Classic Army, ICS, or Tokyo Marui.

2. Check the name of the gun. Usually it is a series of letters and numbers, like AK-47 or M-16. The retail box should also yield this information, or you can check the manufacturer’s or retailer’s website.

3. Use a Version 1 gearbox if you have a TM (Tokyo Marui) FAMAS SV or FAMAS F1.

4. Utilize Version 2 gearboxes if your gun is a CA (Classic Army) CA36C, 15A4RIS, M15A4SPC, 15A2 Carbine, M15A2 Tactical Carbine, M15A4 Carbine, M15A4 Tactical Carbine, MP5A2, MP5A3, MP5A4, MP5A5, MP5SD2, MP5SD3, MP5SD5 or MP5SD6. Version 2 also goes with the ICS MP5A2,MP5A3, MP5A4, MP5A5, MP5SD2,MP5SD3, MP5SD5 and MP5SD6.

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5. Buy a Version 3 gearbox if your weapon is a Classic Army CA36C or Tokyo Marui G36C.

6. Use a Version 4 gearbox only if your gun is a Tokyo Marui PSG-1.

7. Adopt a Version 5 gearbox only if your weapon is a Tokyo Marui UZI.

8. Employ a Version 6 gearbox if your gun is a Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1, P90 or P90TR.

9. Use a Version 7 gearbox if your gun is an ICS M4A1RS, M4A1MS, ICS A1 R.I.S. or C15FS.