Laser Tag Birthday Party Ideas

A laser tag party is engaging for kids of all ages.

Laser tag is enjoyable for both children and adults, which makes it an excellent birthday party option. Laser tag birthday parties are even a suitable option for teenagers. A laser tag party theme offers plenty of creative and interesting ideas for refreshments, favors and invitations. You may even find that you enjoy a laser tag party as much as your kids. Does this Spark an idea?


Take a digital photograph of your child in dark clothing holding a laser gun. Use editing software on your computer to add a laser-looking backdrop to the photograph. Print party information on the back of the photo for an invitation. You can also use your computer to create VIP passes guests hang around their necks with party information printed on the back and use those as invitations. Finally, use your computer to create laser tag brochures featuring the facility, your child with laser guns and pictures of space aliens or villains and mail those as party invitations. Remember, in the printed information, remind your guests to wear dark clothing.


Use red, yellow and neon colors (neon oranges, greens, pinks, blues and purples) as your color scheme. Hang a banner reading, “Happy Birthday, (your child’s name here)!” Hang balloons and streamers matching your color scheme everywhere that you can. Cover tables with table cloths matching your color scheme and scatter them with glitter and star-shaped confetti in the colors you have chosen to use. Attach a bouquet of balloons to a toy laser gun as a center piece for each table.

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Cake and Food

Bake a cake in a heart-shaped cake pan, rounding off the top edges to make the shape of an alien’s head. Frost the cake green and use piped-on frosting and candies to make an aliens face cake. Or, bake a sheet cake and cut off round sections on the top to make it in the shape of a laser tag vest. Frost the cake black or gray with piped on details (buttons, hooks and so forth) in silver or red. Serve traditional birthday party foods such as pizza or hot dogs, and make a punch of green sherbet with pineapple juice and lemon-lime soda (alien punch) for a beverage.


Fill neon colored bags with party favors. Examples of favors to include are glow sticks, glow necklaces or bracelets, pens, flashlights, stickers, stick-on tattoos and plastic alien toys. Anything glow in the dark makes a good laser tag birthday party favor. Also, check with the facility that hosts your party, as they often provide favor bags for birthday party guests.