Laws For Shipping A Paintball Gun In Tennessee

There are numerous laws regarding paintball guns in Tennessee.

Paintball is a popular sport that uses guns that fire hollow projectiles filled with paint markers to simulate war games. However the line between a paintball gun and a legal firearm isn’t always clear in some states. In Tennessee, for instance, there are specific laws for how paintball guns can be mailed.

Johnson City

In Johnson City, Tennessee there is an almost total shutdown on shipping pantball and related air guns. Any guns that operate off compressed gas or air–which includes both paintball guns as well as airsoft guns and air rifles–cannot be shipped. This means that if you live in Johnson City you’ll need to have your paintball gun shipped to a place outside of the city, or you’ll need to go and buy it yourself. This law also applies to slingshots, which also cannot be shipped to this city.

Compressed Air

Paintball guns fire with compressed gases, typically carbon dioxide. These gases cannot be shipped overnight in an airplane due to the effect that the changes in altitude and compression may have on the gun’s containment area, which could lead to a rupture or potential explosion. These canisters can be shipped separately or with the paintball gun as long as they’re shipped via ground transportation, and to a place in Tennessee where it’s legal to ship paintball guns.

Firearm Law

Some states file paintball guns–as well as airsoft guns and other replica items–under firearms law, which means that you can’t send them through the mail in those states. Tennessee is not one of these states, and paintball guns do not fall under any sort of firearm restrictions. However, parts of paintball guns, such as ammunition and the CO2 canisters, may qualify as hazardous materials. These can be shipped, but only if you pay a hazardous material fee and inform the carrier of what’s inside.

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