Laws On Bb Guns In Rhode Island

Minors may own BB guns with written parental consent.

Over the years, many little boys have dreamed of owning their own BB guns. As of 2010, the federal government does not regulate the transfer, possession or use of non-powder (BB) guns. Some states, however, including Rhode Island, consider non-powder guns to be firearms. Rhode Island firearm laws differ slightly between handguns and rifles. A BB gun is classified a rifle. All laws that apply to rifle ownership also apply to BB guns.


A BB gun is a non-powder gun. This means a BB gun uses the pressure of forced air, CO2 pressure, or a spring mechanism to expel a spherical bullet made of metal or hard plastic. Pellet guns and air guns use the same types of force to propel ammunition, but are technically not BB guns. Popular uses for BB guns include target practice, home protection and bird hunting.


Rhode Island requires a seven-day waiting period for BB gun purchases.

Rhode Island allows residents 18 years old and up to purchase BB guns. A “Purchase of a Shot Gun or Rifle Application Form” must be filled out and presented to the seller. The seller must conduct a background check on the purchaser. If the background check does not find disqualifying information, the seller may transfer the firearm after a seven-day waiting period. Minors may purchase a BB gun if they provide written parental consent.


Rhode Island does not require a license for adults over 18 years of age to own and operate a BB gun. Minors must complete a firearm safety course in order to own a BB gun. After completion, minors may only use their weapons on a certified shooting range or under the supervision of a qualified adult. Individuals convicted of a violent crime, illegal aliens, individuals deemed incompetent, fugitives and those who have been deemed a drug addict or drunkard may not own a rifle, shotgun or BB gun.

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Additional Rules and Regulations

Owners of BB guns may not remove or attempt to destroy identification of the gun’s manufacturer, model or make found on the firearm. Rifles may be transported by vehicle on public roads if the firearm is not loaded. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol may carry or operate firearms. Stolen BB guns must be reported to local authorities within 24 hours of discovering the theft. Firearms are prohibited in public or private schools and on school grounds