Legal Atv Trails In New Jersey

It’s difficult to find a place to ATV in New Jersey.

One of the major problems ATV enthusiasts in New Jersey face is the lack of legal ATV trails. Unlike most other states, there are no state-run and up-kept ATV trails, which means the choices for riders to ride legally are to go to neighboring Pennsylvania or to go to a private track in state. There are major arguments between New Jersey’s state government and the National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council regarding this issue, and a lack of state forests makes the matter even more difficult since multi-use trails in New Jersey are not allowed.

Ready to Ride, Off Road PALS

Ready to Ride, Off Road PALS is a park that is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily and has 30 acres that have three different ATV tracks/trails all based on skill level. There is a 1/2 mile novice loop, a 3-mile amateur loop and a 2-mile expert loop to cater to the needs of riders on every level. This township is located close to Atlantic City, and there is plenty of off-roading gear available for rent here. Either an annual membership or a day pass are required, and you also need proof of training for ATV safety classes.

Ready to Ride, Off Road PALS

2594 Tilton Rd

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234


Thunder Moto

Thunder Moto is a Wildwood, New Jersey, track used for major events, but is opened to ATV events twice a year. Stipulations for this track state that participants need to be AMA members and sign up in advance, but those who do get to participate in the races and tracks that are set up for those events. There is a riding fee of $40 per rider, but for those expert ATV and motocross riders looking for some challenge in New Jersey, the two Thunder Moto events are about as good as the state offers.

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Thunder Moto

New Jersey Thunder Motorsports Inc.

PO Box 1256

Wildwood, NJ 08260


Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

The Old Bridge Township Raceway Park is a privately owned ATV and motocross track that is changed every few weeks to keep the challenge fresh. The track itself is 1.5 miles long and maintained on a daily basis. Most of the terrain is amateur level, but there are some sections that are novice just as there are some quasi-expert runs of track, as well. Proof of AARA health insurance is mandatory to use this track, although if you don’t have any you can simply buy it there. As of 2010 the cost is $65 a year.

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

230 Pension Rd

Englishtown, NJ 07726