List Of Equipment To Pack For Scenario Paintball

Scenario paintball equipment looks like real military equipment.

Scenario paintball is like a live action role play, but folks have paintball guns modified to look like real guns instead of foam swords. These pretend weekend warriors are generally armed to the teeth and outfitted in gear that transforms your average civilian into a paintball mercenary. A few thousand dollars could be spent on this sport, but here is a list of more budget-friendly essentials.

Gun modifications

One of the most distinguishable aspects of scenario paintball is the kit that markers can be fit with. advocates the Tippman A5 mod by stating “the Tippmann A5 paintball marker is our favorite when it comes to scenario paintball and training.” The Tippmann A5 mods are military-quality are designed to create a more realistic experience to enhance the tactical function of the generic Tippmann A5 frame.

Your Trusty Sidearm

Paintball guns, like any gun, occasionally jam. In the heat of battle with paintballs splattering all around, you may not have time to clean your primary weapon. If you want to stay in the fight, you need a reliable secondary weapon. The manufacturer of the Tiberius Tac 8 pistol describes the gun as the world’s first .68 caliber paint pistol to be magazine fed. Its 12-gram CO2 cartridges fires three full magazines.

Paintball Barrels

Like a real gun, paintball guns can be made more accurate by attaching an extended barrel. For those long-range sniper shots, you’ll want a longer barrel. OPSGEAR offers an M82A1 18-inch Fluted SNIPER Barrel and also offers a six-inch barrel for close-quarters combat. This shorter barrel will drastically reduce your gun’s range and accuracy, but hopefully your enemy won’t see your barrel poking around a corner long before you’re ready to clear it.

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Proper Attire

Finally, if you’re going to play scenario paintball, you need to be dressed for success. Your budget is the only limiting factor on how decked-out you can be for your scenario game. One particularly useful garment for scenario paintball is a vest. OPSGEAR advertises their MOLLE vests as being “perfect for carrying all your military simulation paintball gear.” These vests are completely modular and you design them for your exact equipment needs, allowing you to easily carry CO2 & air tanks, CO2 cartridges, and hundreds of rounds of paint. This can be important, as the last thing you want is to run out of ammo or CO2 when you’re pinned down behind cover.