List Of The Most Advanced Automatic Guns

There are many types of extremely advanced weaponry.

Guns serve as a double-edged sword; although extremely dangerous, they are also a protection device. A fully automatic gun is a firearm which automatically reloads and fires again after it releases a round of ammunition. This cycle continues while the trigger remains pressed, provided that there is a steady supply of ammunition. Lightweight, fully-automatic firearms have been available to civilians since the 1920s. In the U.S., a federal license is required for ownership of an automatic weapon.

Auto-Assault 12 Shotgun

Abbreviated “AA-12,” this gun finds its roots in the Atchisson Assault Shotgun, a firearm first developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson, and refined and redesigned for 18 years by Military Police Systems, Inc., producing what is now the world’s deadliest shotgun. Using the constant-recoil principle and a quick-change barrel system, it can fire up to 300 rounds in one minute and operates with several types of ammunition, including the highly explosive FRAG-12. It is durable, can withstand below-zero temperatures and saltwater and even works when fired upside down.

Heckler & Koch HK416

Built as a replacement for M4 carbines and M16 rifles, the HK416 borrows the patented gas-piston system from the HK G36 rifle and unites it with M16 basics, resulting in a reliable, long-firing weapon fit for military use. Heckler & Koch gun tests have proven it capable of firing around 10,000 rounds of ammunition on full automatic fire without jamming. The HK416 also boasts a new buffer assembly, improved bolt, and a free-floating hand guard, making it more ergonomic and easy to handle.

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Heckler & Koch MP7

PDWs — or Personal Defense Weapons — are designed for military personnel who normally do not carry assault rifles. NATO guidelines limit PDWs to the use of conventional pistol cartridges. Regular pistols and submachine guns are incapable of penetrating body armor. To address this, the HK MP7 was built, uniting the action of a scaled-down HK G36 assault rifle with the layout and size of a typical compact submachine gun. The gun can be fired one-handed like a pistol, and uses special 4.6×30 mm high-velocity ammunition, which easily penetrates CRISAT body armor, even at 200 meters.

Fabrique Nationale Special Operations Forces Assault Rifle

The design for the FN SCAR was handpicked from a dozen proposals from arms manufacturers worldwide, submitted in response to a 2003 search for a modular, multi-caliber weapons system. The SCAR weapons system has stood through over two million rounds of ammunition in urban, jungle and maritime operations tests. The SCAR family comes in two classes: “light” for 5.56×45 mm, and “heavy” for 7.62×51 mm NATO chamberings. SCAR firearms, leagues ahead of their competitors in terms of versatility and adaptability, allow the use of a variety of cartridges and optional equipment of different makes and models without altering the actual weapon’s controls layout, handling and maintenance.