Load A Co2 Tank To A Paintball Gun

Co2 tanks are one of the primary methods of powering paintball guns. To get out and play, you’ll need to attach a full tank to your paintball gun. Doing this isn’t hard and will only take a few seconds.


1. Make sure the rubber O-ring is securely fitted around the nozzle of the Co2 tank. This provides a seal with your gun to prevent any Co2 from leaking out.

2. Hold your gun up and locate the threaded insert where you’ll screw the tank on. It will probably be on the backside of the gun, either on top or on the bottom of the grip.

3. Align the tank with the threaded insert and screw it on by turning clockwise. The nozzle on the tank is threaded so that it can be screwed into the gun.

4. Make sure that the tank is being inserted completely straight. If it’s cockeyed, the tank will not be properly connected and will leak.

5. Continue to screw the tank until it is as tight as it will go. You will hear a sudden burst of air, which is normal; keep tightening until it’s fully secure.

6. To ensure that the gun is working, cock the gun and fire a test shot with or without a paintball to see if air is discharged.

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