Load A Red Ryder

Introduced in 1938, the Daisy Red Ryder is a lever-action air-powered BB rifle that has remained a viable commodity for generations. Some consider owning the rifle a rite of passage, and others believe that it’s common sense to teach children to use and respect guns and that the Red Ryder is a suitable tool for the purpose. Regardless of the rationale for owning a BB gun, there are a number of considerations and requirements for owning one, and learning safely load the Red Ryder is the first step.


1. Engage the trigger safety switch by pushing it from left to right until it is fully set and none of the red part of the switch is showing. This is, in fact, a good habit to get into as the safety should be on not only while loading the gun but at all times before and after firing.

2. Raise the barrel of the rifle and rotate it slightly to the right. Find the loading door near the end of the barrel and use your left thumb to push it in and up until it opens fully. Now you may slowly pour the BBs in while cupping your left hand under the barrel to catch any that might escape. Close the ammo door.

3. Cock the Red Ryder by raising the barrel to a 45-degree angle and pulling the cocking lever outward until it clicks seven times and stops. It is important to hold the rifle with the sight pointing straight up as the BBs won’t load into the chamber properly if it’s turned on its side. At this point the gun should be loaded and must be treated as such.

4. Close the cocking lever, disengage the safety, and your Red Ryder is now ready to fire. To reload the rifle, raise the barrel to a 45-degree angle again, repeat the cocking action, and the gravity feed system should deliver another BB to the chamber.