Load A Thompson Colt 45

The Thompson Colt 45 is a model 1911 pistol produced by Auto Ordnance Firearms. The pistol is built to the original model 1911 specifications, has a five- inch barrel and a magazine capacity of seven rounds. The pistol is chambered to fire .45 ACP bullets. The Thomson 1911 pistol is well made and very reliable. Remember to exercise care when handling your pistol: treat every weapon as if it is loaded –even if it isn’t. For best results, Auto Ordnance recommends using only factory-loaded bullets in the pistol.


1. Remove the magazine by pressing the release button, located on the left hand side of the grip, and checking the chamber to ensure that the weapon is unloaded.

2. Position the rear of the bullet on the magazine in front of the magazine’s retaining lips — the curved metal ends that hold the bullet in position. Press the bullet down and slide it rearward into the magazine. Repeat the process until the magazine is loaded.

3. Place the magazine into the magazine well – at the base of the pistol grip – and seat it into position. You will hear an audible click when the magazine is in position.

4. Pull the slide assembly all the way back and release. The action of the slide – returning to the forward position – will load the first bullet into the pistol’s chamber. The pistol is now loaded.