Load An Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is a sport growing in popularity around the world, offering an enormous range of replica weapons for a variety of game scenarios. Loading an Airsoft weapon will vary by the type of gun, as well as by manufacturer. Most Airsoft guns feature a removable magazine into which the ammunition is loaded. It is not a difficult process, and almost anyone can load one of these weapons.


1. Make sure you have the correct caliber BB. Airsoft ammo is available in 5.98 and 6 millimeters, and the size matters significantly.

2. Engage the safety and eject the magazine by pressing a small button located on the side of the Airsoft gun.

3. Look for a U-shaped opening at the top of the magazine, and pour ammo into the magazine through this hole. Depending on the model and manufacturer it may be necessary to pull down or depress a lever operating a spring to load the ammunition.

4. Push the magazine back into the gun until the latching mechanism engages with a clicking noise. Make sure it is securely in the gun by tugging gently on the bottom of the magazine.

5. Pull back the slide or cocking mechanism, loading a BB into the gun. If the gun does not have a hop-up mechanism, it may be necessary to tilt the gun to one side to load a BB.

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