Load The Airsoft G608

Airsoft guns are very similar to regular firearms.

The Airsoft G608 is a firearm replica airsoft gun intended for recreation. Airsoft guns are non-lethal and are used for target practice and competition, much like paintball guns. The Airsoft G608 is patterned after a military assault rifle, and operates much the same way. Instead of using bullets, it uses plastic pellets. The procedure for loading an airsoft gun is very similar to the steps for loading a magazine-fed firearm, with the main difference being that airsoft guns use non-lethal ammunition.


1. Push the magazine eject button on the left side of the Airsoft G608, just above the trigger well toward the back of the gun. This button allows you to eject the ammunition clip. The safety lever is located to the front of the magazine eject button. You’ll have to eject the old magazine before inserting a new one.

2. Pull the old magazine from the gun while still holding down on the magazine eject button.

3. Release the magazine eject button and push the new magazine into the slot of the gun until you hear a clicking noise.