Lube Orings On A Paintball Gun

Proper care of your paintball gun is important because a poorly maintained gun, also known as a marker, will cause you to suffer on the course. If you have a leaky O-ring on your gun, it might not be pumping enough CO2 to properly launch your paint pellets, resulting in shots that fall far short of their desired goal. Replacing your O-ring, and lubricating the new ring, is essential in maintaining your gun.


1. Disassemble your paintball gun, as per your particular marker’s instructions. A full field-stripping is the only way to ensure that all of your O-rings are functioning properly. Most guns will require a set of Allen keys for this step.

2. Check all of the O-rings of your gun for signs of a break. A ring that has split or lost its shape and is not wrapping straight around the part of the gun it is attached to should be replaced. Common areas for broken rings are the bolt and on your CO2 tanks.

3. Remove the old, broken O-ring using the tweezers, being careful not to damage the gun itself with the tweezers.

4. Place the new O-ring over the lip of the part carefully.

5. Roll the new O-ring into place carefully to avoid breaking it.

6. Apply a dot of lubricant to your finger tip and rub around the entire O-ring. Coat the full circumference of the ring, as the oil will help ensure a tight seal upon reassembly.

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