Maintain A Paintball Gun

Paintball guns, commonly called “markers,” are the main weaponry used in mock battles on paintball fields and other recreational grounds. Markers fire gelatinous balls of paint that enable participants to clearly tell where they have been hit and how many “kills” should be recorded. These weapons fill a variety of forms and functions on the paintball course. All paintball markers should be regularly cleaned, as careful maintenance enables the gun to last longer and perform better over time.


1. Remove the tank from the weapon. Paintball markers should never be worked on with the compressed-air canister in place.

2. Clear away any paint or dirt from the exterior of the gun with a damp sponge. Use warm water and wipe away from the bolt and barrel to ensure that no debris gets into these parts.

3. Visually inspect the barrel. If the barrel has debris or paintballs jammed inside, these will need to be flushed.

4. Flush the barrel with warm water. Run the water into the barrel and allow it to soak until the debris rinses free. Paintballs break down in water and should roll out or dissolve.

5. Dry the gun with a soft cotton towel. Pay close attention to the bolt and barrel to ensure that water does not remain on these parts. Take care not to dislodge the O-rings, which hold the tank in place.

6. Replace any O-rings which show obvious signs of wear or damage. Damaged rings will not hold air correctly and could lead to a catastrophic failure, injuring the gun or its user, if they do not seal properly.

7. Add two to three drops of oil to all moving parts. This includes the bolt, hammer and any auto-feed system. Keep the oil away from the rings and any other rubber parts as it may damage these.

8. Attach the tank and fire three shots. Shooting the marker moves the oil into the parts, lubricating them for storage or future use.