Make A Bushrag Ghillie Suit

The bushrag-style ghillie suit is designed to turn you into a portable bush!

The bushrag ghillie suit system adds jute and burlap strips in seven earth-toned colors to the standard ghillie suit. The bushrag system is a flexible one that adapts to a wide variety of terrain with a minimum of on-site adaptation. A bushrag ghillie suit makes you look like a pile of brush or bush. The system mimics the loose shaggy fur of a large animal and allows the wearer to move between hiding spots with maximum hiding power and minimum need to adapt the camouflage to the immediate terrain.


Bushrag Camouflage Systems

1. Cut several hundred 2-foot-long jute strings and two hundred 1-inch-wide burlap strips. Sort the strings as you cut them into piles by color. A standard bushrag kit comes with strings and burlap strips in seven assorted earth-drab colors.

2. Fold each string or strip in half and loop it through the net. Tie the strings in the middle so that the two halves hang from the knot. Begin at the bottom of the suit and work your way to the top.

3. Tie a row at a time. Mix the order of colors as you work your way around the row. Mix rag strips in with the strings. Add each new layer so that it hangs over the layer below it.

4. Tie rows up the legs of the pants till you get to where the bushrag camo will hang from the jacket. Stop tying when you’re high enough up the pants to be under the jacket. If you are using a one-piece jumpsuit-style ghillie, just keep on going all the way to the top. Tie more bushrag to the back than to the front to avoid overly restricting your ability to move. When the pants and jacket are completed, do the hood.

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5. Lay the net attached to the hood out flat and begin tying strings and rags to the outside of the circle. Work your way around the outside edge. When you complete one row, move up to the next. Again intersperse different colors of string with strips of burlap. When the suit is complete, lay it and the hood flat on the ground.

6. Spray-paint stripes lightly over the outside of the suit using three or four earth-drab paint colors. Don’t soak the strings and rags. Spray lightly so no crisp edges are apparent. Spray roughly in the same direction and avoid crisscrossing that may show up in bright light.