Make A Camo Suit With Bright Leaves

Camouflage allows the wearer to better blend in with natural surroundings.

A camouflage suit complimented by leaves and other foliage is also known as a ghillie suit. Typically used by snipers and other military specialists to conceal their whereabouts in forested terrain, the ghillie suit provides some degree of invisibility, rendering it commonplace not only amongst military personnel but also amongst hunters, airsoft and paintball players and other wargame enthusiasts.

Constructing your own camouflage ghillie suit takes a fair bit of time and patience, as well as quality materials.


1. Lay the BDU flat, arms extended, facing down. Place the netting across the back, starting just below the collar, and extended along the entire armspan from one cuff to the other.

2. Cut the netting along the underarm portion of the net, just enough to allow for the net to also wrap around the sleeves, upward and around the front.

3. Thread the waxed dental floss, and sew the netting to the back and sleeves of the BDU, as tightly and as securely as possible. Using the polyurethane adhesive, glue the intersecting corners of the net to the BDU. Repeat this process for the front of the garment, ensuring that you do not block access to pockets you plan to use, nor any closures, your beltloops or zipper.

4. Tie the pre-cut, pre-dyed jute around one line of netting on each side of the netting squares. Tie each piece on in a simple, single knot so the ends dangle. Mingle camoflage colors of jute.

5. Weave the plastic foliage with bright leaves throughout the netting at random, accounting for as little or as much cover as you’d like. Secure the leafy strands with polyurethane adhesive and let the adhesive dry.