Make A Case For A Tippmann A5

Your hard case does not necessarily need to be square.

Making a hard case lined with foam will protect your Tippmann A-5 paintball gun from damage. With the cost of an A-5 running upward of $140, you may want to protect your investment from impacts. Putting your A-5 in a gear bag along with your bottles and other accessories causes the items to bang together as you walk around. A hard case with foam inserts can take the abuse of being thrown around while protecting your A-5 from impact damage.


1. Cut the polyethylene foam with the knife to fit inside the case bottom. Cut the egg crate foam to fit inside the case top and place it inside the top of the case.

2. Lay the Tippmann A-5 on the polyethylene foam, secure it with one hand and trace around it with the marker. Trace only on the outside of the trigger guard unless you intend to leave the tank adapter in place. In that case, trace around it instead of the trigger guard.

3. Remove the Tippmann and cut out the trace using the utility knife. Put the Tippmann inside of the cutout to test the fit. If it is overly tight, check to see where the paintball gun is getting stuck and shave away the foam from that area.

4. Place the foam sheet inside of the case and the Tippmann inside of the cutout. Close the case and shake it to make sure the paintball gun does not move around inside. Open the case to see whether the gun has shifted. If it is not secure, pack the case with more foam.

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