Make A Cheap Airsoft Pistol Better

Airsoft pistols come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Airsoft weapons fire plastic pellets and are designed for mock combat against other airsoft players. These guns use a variety of firing mechanisms and range in price from $10 to over a thousand. The price of the gun often reflects its value, as “cheap” weaponry is commonly made of inexpensive plastic and has trouble withstanding the rigors of pitched airsoft battles. These guns often lack the accuracy of their more expensive counterparts. Minor adjustments can be made that can increase the lifespan and utility of the imitation firearm.


1. Wrap the barrel and grip of the airsoft pistol with at least one layer of duct tape. More layers can be used for increased stability, but will also increase the weight of the weapon and make it more difficult to aim. This reinforces the weapon and will make it last longer.

2. Paint over the solid components of the firearm with an enamel-based paint. Enamel paints harden as they dry and will become a “second skin” for the weapon, giving it a longer lifespan. Avoid getting the paint into any working parts or screw holes and do not paint over the orange tip if your gun has one.

3. Swab one color of gun sight paint on the rear sight of the weapon. Each of the sighting tabs should be marked. Green is the traditional color for the rear sight.

4. Paint the forward sight with a different color. Painted gun sights will increase your accuracy when using the weapon. Red is the most common color for forward sights.

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