Make A Cheap Blowgun

Blowguns have been used for centuries and are still serious weapons in some primitive cultures. You can make a cheap blowgun by gathering a few simple materials, most of which you probably have at hand.


1. Find a rigid, hollow tube that is from 4 feet to 7 feet long and about a half inch in diameter. Copper tubing or galvanized conduit are good, cheap choices, as is bamboo.

2. File any burrs out of the cut ends of the tubing.

3. Cut the end out of a plastic film canister carefully, using a sharp knife to make a mouthpiece for your gun.

4. Wrap duct tape or electrical tape around one end of the gun barrel tube to a thickness that is a little more than the circumference of the film canister.

5. Push the film canister onto the taped end of the tube until it seals tightly and still protrudes from the end of the tube. Wrap duct or electrical tape around the outside of the film canister, securing and sealing it to the end of the tube.

6. Decorate your blowgun by wrapping it with colored yarns, tapes or coloring designs on it with permanent marker. Hang feathers from leather thongs for cheap decoration.

7. Make a carrier for your blowgun from leather or cloth.

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