Make A Cheap Paintball Jersey

Creating your own paintball jersey is a fun way to personalize your hobby.

Making your own paintball jersey allows you to customize it any way you would like. Paintballs travel at extremely high velocities and will sting when they hit you; they may even leave serious welts if you are hit on exposed skin. Ideally you will want to make your jersey using a heavy-duty material like thick cotton, and make sure that it has long sleeves to leave as little exposed skin as possible. This will soften the blow and prevent you from leaving the game early due to an injury.


1. Design the shirt on paper in as much detail as possible including the colors that will be included. If you like, choose colors to match your paintball gear (like your pads and mask). Sketch your design. If possible, add some paint accents near sensitive areas such as the neck and armpit. The paint will act as a second barrier that will offer improved protection from paintball impacts.

2. Shop for a plain long-sleeved shirt and look for thick material that can withstand paintball impacts. Thick cotton or a thick polyester blend will provide a combination of mobility and protection from paintball impacts. Purchase fabric paint that is permanent and water-proof. Your paintball jersey will need to be washed regularly to remove the stains.

3. Paint the shirt with the fabric paint, taking care to follow your design as closely as possible. Let the paint dry completely so that it sets. Wash the shirt in cold water to ensure that it has set properly and is conditioned.

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