Make A Custom Nerf Gun

Whether you are in a heated cubicle war or having a backyard battle, Nerf guns can be a blast for young and old alike. The soft darts allow for safe gun play, and there is a wide variety of Nerf guns available. Whether you opt for a long-range rifle, a fully automatic blaster to lay down suppressing fire, or a pistol for closer encounters, customizing your Nerf gun is sure to impress your comrades in arms.


1. Lay down the newspaper and place the Nerf Gun on top of it. Use the spray paint to apply a base coat to the exterior of the gun. Once the spray paint dries, flip the gun over and paint the other side of the gun. Do not spray paint inside of the gun as the paint may cause some moving parts to not function properly.

2. Use the paint brushes and acrylic paint to paint any details on the gun. To achieve a metallic effect, put a very small amount of metallic colored paint onto the brush and wipe the brush on the newspaper until it’s almost dry, then lightly brush any raised areas on the gun with the nearly dry brush.

3. Paint your name, initials or a small design in an inconspicuous area to be able to identify the gun as your own.

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