Make A Custom Paintball Uniform

A paintball uniform can be customized to reflect your personality.

Whether you are playing indoor or outdoor paintball, a custom paintball uniform can really make you stand out. Paintball uniforms can be customized with unique designs, patches, letters and numbers. Before customizing the paintball uniform, purchase a uniform that fits your personality. For example, buy a uniform that fits comfortably and has the color you want. Once the paintball uniform is in your hands, it can be customized in hundreds of different ways.


Add Patches

1. Purchase patches that will be used to display information about the player. For example, if the paintball uniform is used for team tournaments, purchase a patch that resembles the name of the team. If the team is named “The Wolves”, purchase an embroidered patch of a wolf. Other patch designs can be of the player’s nationality or team crest.

2. Place the patch or patches on the top portion of each sleeve. This is where the patch will be constantly seen by the fans, team members and opponents.

3. Run two feet of thread from the spool through the eye of a thin sewing needle. Cut the leftover thread from the spool with the scissors.

4. Sew around the perimeter of the patch with the needle and thread starting at any side of the patch. Continuously run the needle and thread through the patch and jersey until the patch is sewn on. Cut the remaining thread off with the scissors.

Iron-on Designs and Characters

5. Purchase designs, letters and numbers that can be ironed onto the paintball uniform. These ironed-on supplies can be purchased at any craft store for under five dollars per design and under three dollars per character. Buy designs and characters that have contrasting colors to the color of the paintball uniform. For example, buy white numbers for a black jersey so that the numbers can be seen clearly.

6. Place the paintball uniform on the ironing board. Lay out the design, numbers and letters to be used on the front and back of the paintball uniform. Use the ruler to space the letters and numbers evenly apart. The letters and numbers should be no farther than two inches apart from one another. The back of the uniform can have the player’s number in the center and the player’s name ironed-on in between the shoulder blades. The front of the uniform can have the design ironed-on in the center and the team name positioned above the design.

7. Plug the iron into a wall outlet and set the heating temperature to low. Once the iron has heated up, press the iron down on each character or design in three-second increments. Continue pressing down the iron periodically until the design, letters and numbers have adhered to the paintball uniform. Allow the design and characters to cool on the uniform for 10 minutes before wearing it.