Make A Fabric Shotgun Case

Shotguns are required to be in cases when you travel with them, and it is a good idea to store them in a case at home to protect them from damage. However, once you take the gun out of the case, it is often difficult to figure out what to do with that big, bulky storage container. Fabric cases, which are protective and still easily folded when the gun is removed, are the ultimate answer. Making your own gun case is simple enough to be easily done by anyone.


1. Locate the handle on the outside of the duffel bag and lay the bag down so that the handle is situated lengthwise along a fold. The idea is that the handle will be used for the shotgun case handle.

2. Use the scissors to cut away all material except 6 inches on either side of the fold in the duffel bag. Use the needle and thread to sew up the length of the gun case but leave one end open.

3. Use the gun case by sliding the shotgun into the open end of the case and then folding the end of the case over and securing it with a string. You can carry the case by the handle or simply throw the gun across your shoulder.

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