Make A Frisbee

Frisbees may be the simplest toys ever created, yet they remain one of the most beloved ways to pass time outdoors. With a little imagination and some spare time, you can create your own frisbee. While this paper version may not fly as far as a heavy plastic frisbee, it will be all your own. Or make this frisbee with your friends and compete to see whose flies the furthest.


1. Gather eight pieces of perfectly square paper to create your frisbee. As a general rule, heavy paper will fly further. The size of your paper will depend on the size you want your final frisbee to be, but again, smaller frisbees tend to last long and fly better. Use any color, design or texture that you like, selecting multiple colors if desired.

2. Begin with one square piece of paper, folding it in have diagonally from corner to corner. Holding the paper so that the long creased edge is facing you, fold the right corner up to the center tip to make triangular flap on one side.

3. Fold the remaining seven pieces of paper in the same way. When all eight are complete, slip the unfolded point of each piece into the triangular flap of the next, joining the pieces together.

4. Continue joining the folded paper pieces together, using multiple colors if you like to make your own unique frisbee design. Once all of the pieces are joined, you should have a circular frisbee.

5. Turn your frisbee over and then fold up all of the loose flaps to create triangles which rise slightly from the frisbee. Use tape or stickers to join the pieces together on both sides of the frisbee and decorate as desired. Your frisbee is now ready to fly.

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