Make A Ghillie Suit At Home

A ghillie suit, used for a variety of reasons, offers the wearer camouflage to match his or her environment. Used in military practices as well as for hunting in the wilderness, making a ghillie suit is a creative and easy process. The materials are minimal, and in as little as a day your ghillie suit can be ready for use.


1. Layer the mesh sheet directly over the canvas sheet evenly.

2. Cut a hole out of the center of both layers that is similar to the size of your head.

3. Adhere the edges of the mesh sheet to the edges of the canvas sheet with fabric glue.

4. Gather several strips of fabric that match the color scheme of the wilderness in which you will be camping or hunting. Dark green, browns and other earthy tones make excellent camouflage colors.

5. Slide a strip of material through a hole in the mesh material, and bring it back out through the other side of the same hole. Tie the material into a secure knot around the mesh. Repeat this step with as many strips of material you can fit in the knots of the mesh.

6. Slip the project over your head, allowing your head to slip through the hole in the center. It wears somewhat like a poncho.

7. Add various twigs, branches and foliage to the mesh of the ghillie suit once you are in the wild to embellish the look and further camouflage yourself.

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