Make A Ghillie Suit For Camouflage

Many paintball aficionados and recreational game hunters wear ghillie suits to conceal themselves while out in the field. Long used by covert military sniper and reconnaissance teams, the suits’ mix of natural foliage and man-made components help camouflage a person’s body outline, helping them blend seamlessly into their environment. Making a homemade ghillie suit is a way to avoid paying the high asking price for many retail ghillie suits.


1. Place the jacket and pants set on a flat work surface like a table or the floor. Smooth out any wrinkles on the garments with your hands. Lay the mesh across both the jacket and pants. Cut the mesh with a knife or scissors along the outlines of the clothes to make two separate mesh patterns.

2. Thread the fishing line through the eye of the needle and sew each sheet of mesh onto the jacket and pants. Skip every two to three squares as you sew to create “pockets” for stuffing purposes. Add a few drops of the adhesive gel to each sewed corner to add more strength. Allow the gel to dry.

3. Cut varying lengths of jute while the gel dries. Cut each jute piece no shorter than 18 inches and no longer than 24 inches. If using, prepare the dye according to the directions on the package. Soak each jute piece in the dye and allow ample time to dry, at least a full hour.

4. Tie each length of dyed jute to each square on the mesh, alternating long pieces with short ones in a random pattern. Pack bunches of leaves and twigs in the mesh “pockets” on the jacket and pants, between the jute lengths, to finish the project.

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