Make A Ghillie Suit Throw

Some creatures have natural abilities to blend in. Humans need a ghillie suit.

Used to camouflage people for stealth in the wilderness, ghillie suits are fashioned to look like leaves and outdoor debris. For temporary use, using leaves and grass on a homemade ghillie suit is acceptable; however, for a permanent touch you can create a ghillie suit throw. A ghillie suit throw serves as both a ghillie suit for hunting as well as a warm cover-up while camping. Making a ghillie suit throw provides you with a crafty endeavor that is also a cost-friendly alternative to buying commercial ghillie suits and throws.


1. Lay out one of the fleece material squares. Straighten it so that there are no wrinkles or creases in it.

2. Squeeze a thick line of fabric glue along all of the edges of the fabric square.

3. Layer the second fleece square over the first one, pressing the edges together. Let the adhered sheets dry for about 10 minutes.

4. Cut a circle measuring about 12 inches in diameter from the center of the layered fleece sheets. Cut through both layers.

5. Squeeze a line of glue around the circumference of the circle on the inner side. Do this on one side of the blanket only.

6. Insert the square of transparent bug netting into the circle, pressing its edges around the glued circle shape. Make sure this is done on the underside of one of the blanket’s layers. This closes one of the circle cut-outs, covering it with the mesh material.

7. Flip the blanket over and glue all of the strips of fabric to its surface. The strips should measure about 2 inches thick by 5 inches long and be a variety of colors to simulate foliage. Forest green, earth brown, and shades of gray and black can create this effect.

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Glue the strips starting at one end of the blanket, and create several rows of them, side-by-side. Use all 200 strips of material, layering some of them if necessary. This creates a wild, fringed look.