Make A Ghillie Suit With Burlap

A Guillie Suit Allows You to Effectively Blend Into Your Environment

Ghillie suits have been used for centuries by snipers and hunters to conceal their movements so that they could get closer to their prey. The concept of the Ghillie suit dates back to when the Native Americans roamed the plains and forests of North America. They would disguise themselves in surrounding vegetation so that they could sneak close to their prey for a clean shot. Hunters and paintball players can build their own Ghillie suits with a bit of fish netting and some burlap. This article teaches you make a Ghillie suit at home in just a few hours of free time.


1. Begin by sliding the netting over your head and deciding where you want the hood to be cut. The Ghillie suit slides over your existing clothes, and you’ll have a hole in the middle of the suit for your head to fit through, like a poncho. Use the scissors to cut a slit in the netting large enough for your head.

2. Lay the netting out in a large open area and begin cutting the burlap into 1-by-3-inch strips. Cut the entire section of burlap into these strips. This is the most time-consuming part of the process.

3. Tie the burlap strips in an overhand knot in every other hole of the netting in horizontal rows, 2 inches apart from each other. Do this to the entire section of netting, and then use the comb to fray the tied strips to give the suit that characteristic furry look.

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