Make A Gully Suit

Muted, natural colors blend together to fit into the background.

A gully suit, or more commonly, a ghillie suit, is a full-body camouflage costume used to provide cover in wilderness areas. The irregular texture and natural colors blend in with the environment, whether it is the side of a rocky mountain or a dense green jungle, and may be customized to fit whatever environment you wish to hide in. Whether your goal is to add exciting realism to your paintball tournaments or for nature photography, suits are easy but time-consuming to construct and are simply knotted string, attached to netting, which is glued or sewn to clothing.


1. Cut pieces of netting to cover your pants and hooded jacket. You may cover only the back, for prone hiding positions, or the entire suit for complete camouflage.

2. Attach netting with shoe glue and allow to dry completely. Shoe glue gives a flexible hold and will keep your clothing supple while preventing damage when your suit snags on something.

3. Cut jute thread into 25- to 28 inch-lengths and gather into single-colored bunches of four threads. Fold each bunch in half.

4. Thread loops of folded jute through the netting and knot by looping the free ends through the fold in the bunch, repeating until all netting is completely covered. The result will have a shaggy, natural appearance similar to long fur.

5. Check suit for bare patches and add extra bunches of jute where needed.

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