Make A Hidden Gun Rack

Several full-sized handguns can be hidden behind a medium-sized picture.

Keeping firearms hidden around a home can give some people a sense of peace. They know that no matter where they are in the house, a gun is easily at hand but unknown to everyone else. Making a storage place between wall studs is easy, and several handguns can be safely kept behind a painting or other wall hanging. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Find a spot where a painting will not look out of place yet is convenient if you need to quickly access a handgun.

2. Find the right hand side of a stud at the site by knocking on the wall. When you hear a dull thud instead of a more hollow noise, you have found a stud. Alternatively, use a magnetic stud finder to find the nails in the stud, which also indicates the stud’s location.

3. Measure to the left and find the next stud over. Wall studs are often either 16 or 24 inches from each other.

4. Lay the firearms out and arrange them as if they were hanging to determine the measurements of the space you need to cut out of the drywall.

5. Cut out the drywall between the two studs, leaving an open rectangle. A keyhole saw, a rotary tool or even a utility knife can cut through drywall.

6. Cut a 1/2-inch plywood piece to fit into the rectangle, touching against both studs.

7. Place the plywood into the hole against the drywall for the adjoining room and use L-brackets to securely screw it to the studs.

8. Screw cup hooks into the plywood where you’d like the handguns to hang.

9. Position a light wall hanging so it covers the new hole in the wall.